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Dubs want a Sam every three years

DUBLIN have set out the ambitious plan to win an All Ireland every three years -- and build a new 30,000-seater stadium.

The Dubs launched a new strategy for GAA in the capital called 'The Blue Wave' which was unveiled at at Croke Park.

The document also calls for separate provincial status for Dublin in terms of funding.

The most eye-catching element is the bid for football glory every three years.

In terms of hurling, the city's GAA bosses want a Liam McCarthy Cup every five years.

There's also a little swipe at Leinster Rugby, with the document stating that blue is the Dubs' colour.

"We can't copyright a colour but the subliminal exploitation of Dublin's unique sporting hue by our competitors has not gone unnoticed," say the authors.

Leinster responded by saying: "We don't see ourselves as a threat and likewise we do not see the GAA as a threat. Many of our players have played GAA and we took great pleasure in the achievements of the Dublin footballers and the Kilkenny hurlers this season."

Meanwhile, Dublin club teams could also be playing in a new city headquarters with a proposal to replace Parnell Park with a new 30,000-seater park for some games.

Dubs bosses want to 'develop a stadium to bridge the gap between the capacity of 10,000-seat Parnell Park and the 82,300 capacity of Croke Park". Such a plan is labelled an "appropriate facility".

The document also suggests that such a stadium could also be used to intercounty matches that are currently held in Croke Park, but are not selling out that venue.

Among the other suggestions in the strategy are plans to hold the earlier rounds of the Leinster football and hurling championships on the same weekend, to free up more time for club activity.

It's also suggested that the annual commercial revenues of the county board should be increased by "at least €1.5m over the plan period". Among the other topics covered is the notion of dual status players, which is ruled out.