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Dubs lose to Westmeath ... then dressing room burgled

Dublin's football stars fell victim to a robbery last night when their dressing room was burgled during an inter-county match.

Personal items and equipment belonging to the players were stolen as the team played against Westmeath at St Loman's Park in Mullingar.

The footballers, who were defeated by the home side, discovered their dressing room had been entered during the game and a number of items taken.

Dublin manager Pat Gilroy said the raid happened as the O'Byrne Cup first round fixture was under way at the grounds on the outskirts of Mullingar.

"There was a break-in. A good bit of stuff has gone missing, so that's a bit disappointing for an inter-county fixture," he said.

Car keys belonging to former All Star goalkeeper Stephen Cluxton were stolen but they were later found in the vicinity before the Dublin team bus left the grounds.

Mr Gilroy complained: "I don't think it's good enough. Like, his clothes and everything are gone."

Westmeath GAA chairman Tom Farrell said the Dubs' dressing-room door had been locked, with the break-in occurring from inside the clubhouse complex.

"We're all very sorry," Mr Farrell told the Herald. "St Loman's club took very great care on the night. There's actually a CCTV, which is going to be gone through.

"The guards came promptly as well, and they have taken action and are looking into it," added Farrell.


The robbery completed a sorry night for Dublin who, on the pitch, lost their O'Byrne Cup match by 0-12 to 1-8 courtesy of a last-second Westmeath point.

The team had travelled down to the same grounds on Sunday only for the match to be called off at the 11th hour because of a frozen pitch.