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Dubs heroes show they're model pros

DUBLIN'S All-Ireland stars show they have what it takes for a modelling shoot.

Four Blues players -- Eamon Fennell, Ross McConnell, Kevin McManamon and Philly McMahon -- posed with model Grace Fox as they showed their fun side.

The lads donned tuxedoes, cardigans, sharp suits and jeans in the shoot and playfully posed with Grace, who is also a hostess in Krystle.

The photoshoot is in this month's glossy Stellar magazine.

And the lads spill the beans on their fashion disasters and skin regimes. Eamon said: "I have a pair of black skinny jeans that are like Ross's from Friends -- I nearly have to get the talc to get out of them," he said. On his beauty regime, he said he intends to stay beard-free.

"I tried to grow designer stubble but I have a ginger beard so I don't do it anymore. Now I just stay clean shaven. I moisturise as well with Clarins for Men."