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Dubs complain most about dumping

IT'S official: Dubliners complain to City Hall about illegal dumping more than any other problem.

A total of 661 reports of illegal dumping were made to Dublin City Council in the 12 months to March this year, new figures show.

The next highest number, 274, related to repairing public lights.

In total, Dubliners made 2,549 service requests to the council through its official Report It online system.

Other issues which concerned residents were road surfaces (246), street sweeping (235), littering (240) and footpath problems (157).

Fine Gael councillor Paddy McCartan said he was not surprised illegal dumping came top of the list.

"More than 25pc were to do with illegal dumping and littering was another 10pc, so nearly one-third of the issues raised by people in the Report It scheme were for rubbish, cleanliness and the environment," he told the Herald.

Other bug bears for residents included abandoned trolleys or bicycles (46), abandoned vehicles (121), graffiti (127), faulty manhole covers (50) and tree maintenance issues (55).

Problems raised through Report It are automatically routed to the relevant council department.

One complaint related to a fallen tree at an address on Pembroke Road in Dublin 4.

In a response to Cllr McCartan, the council said it was not in a position to remove the tree as it was a matter between the property owners.

The councillor said it is worth highlighting that members of the public can raise issues with the local authority and action will usually be taken.

A total of 26 different service requests were logged between April last year and March 2013.

Other issues raised included damaged bollards, weed control, bonfire materials, grass maintenance and overflowing skips.

A total of 10 people wished to know how to make a donation to Dublin Fire Brigade.

Some 42 individuals were unhappy with the council's maintenance of public litter bins and a further 33 had a problem with cycle tracks.

There was only one complaint made about a water pollution incident and 40 to do with road ramps.

Problems with cycle stands attracted two complaints.

Report It can be accessed through the local authority's website www.dublincity.ie.