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Dublin's house of horrors raises €20k for children's causes

ThIS is the Dublin house of Halloween horrors that has raised €20,000 for charity.

Killiney man Ken Carraher's home has become infested with ghosts, goblins and ghouls and up until 9.30pm tonight anyone brave enough can pop in for a spooky peek.

"I've been doing this for 15 years. We start building it at the end of September and I've taken two weeks' annual leave to get it all ready," explained Mr Carraher.

"It started with two mannequins either side of the windows and went from there. I now have about 2,000 items."

Members of the public have been visiting his home since last Tuesday, and around 2,000 people come every year.


"About 50pc of the equipment comes from Ireland and 50pc comes from America," said the Dublin dad.

"We use about 1,000 batteries and seven kilowatts of energy - it's the equivalent of having an electric shower on for four days."

But for seven kilowatts of energy his electricity bill post-Halloween is up only €150 on the average. Visitors are encouraged to leave donations, and all proceeds go to children's charity Debra Ireland.

"This will be year five with Debra Ireland. We've given it to Temple Street and Crumlin Children's Hospital before. We raise on average €2,000 year," Mr Carraher told the Herald.

If you're brave enough to see Ireland's most haunted house, get there by 9.30pm tonight before the lights go out.