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Dubliners still making the most of the sun despite rainy forecast


Martha Higgins with her dog Mojo at Sandymount

Martha Higgins with her dog Mojo at Sandymount

Martha Higgins with her dog Mojo at Sandymount

Dublin and its surrounding counties are expected to be the warmest places in the country today, but be warned, a change in weather is on the way.

While the UK is melting in temperatures as high as 35C, Ireland will only reach up to 21C with the highest expected temperature reserved for those living in Dublin and the east.

Despite the heat across the Irish Sea, forecasters at Met Eireann say Ireland's weather is being dictated by our positioning in the Atlantic.


Unfortunately that means temperatures are taking a dip and rain with potential flooding is on the way.

Forecaster Liz Gavin said: "We are going to have quite a different weather picture from now onwards.

"Temperatures are going to range from 17C up to 21C in the east today.

"It's going to be a good few degrees cooler and we're going to see some showers, along with rain."

Met Eireann has even warned of flooding in some parts of the country due to the fact the weather has been so dry for such a prolonged period.

Yesterday saw the mercury rise to 26C in the Phoenix Park, and 25C in Mullingar.

However, it seems this will be the highest temperatures to be seen for some time.

The forecaster couldn't say if or when such high temperatures would return to Ireland this summer.

"There will be a little rain and drizzle on the east coast today," Ms Gavin said.

"There will be some showery rain from the Atlantic later in the day.

"Our weather is going to be more changeable over the next few days.

"There will be rain and showers and some sunny spells but temperatures will only reach around 15C on Saturday and 18C on Sunday.

"Really our weather is turning - it's more changeable and low pressure is dominating.

"Later next week, it's possible temperatures might go up to between 19C and 22C but at the moment the low pressure is really coming into play from the Atlantic, which is really influencing our weather.

Meanwhile, Irish Water expects its board to meet today to decide if any new measures will be implemented on water restrictions in the Greater Dublin area, with the hosepipe ban also set to be discussed.

The utility company said last night it could not provide an update on any decisions that are to be made until after that meeting, which is expected to take place this afternoon.