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Dubliner's Diary: Love/Hate's Denise won't rule out steamy scenes in TV3's new Red Rock soap


Denise McCormack

Denise McCormack

jenny dixon

jenny dixon

Mairead Farrel

Mairead Farrel


Denise McCormack

SHE played a gangster's moll on Love/Hate, but in her new role on TV3 Denise McCormick is a married mum of two.

The star's new show will land before the watershed, so while full on sex scenes are unlikely she has revealed that she won't rule out getting "steamy" if necessary.

The Dublin actress has taken up residence in the seaside town of Red Rock for the foreseeable future as part of the station's latest production.

She is one of the biggest names to join the cast - her rise to fame was heightened after a dramatic exit for her character Linda on Love/Hate.

Her character - married to psycho gangster Fran had engaged in a torrid affair with crime lord Nidge.

Linda was later disfigured in a pipe bomb attack carried out by Nidge and took her own life.


An early transmission time in Denise's new series means that her character probably won't have to bare all, but she indicated that she is professional enough to do whatever it takes to tell her character, Bridget Kiely's, story.

"This lets the audience make up their own minds - some soaps tend to over-sell the story," she said.

"Sex is part of life isn't it? And we're telling stories," she reasoned.

Already she said there have been some scenes which could be considered "hot scenes" she confessed.

One of her first scenes on the first day of filming saw her rekindle a romance and take part in one of these steamier scenes.

"It's not a sex-scene. It's more a rekindling of romance," she laughed.

McCormick's on-screen estranged husband is played by Paul Roe, who also had a brief role in Love/Hate.

But it was handled excellently by the team, McCormick said.

"The director Matt was lovely - he was very much about what we were comfortable with," she revealed.

"It's about the story - if the story needs it, go for it."

Having nabbed an IFTA for Best Supporting Actress, the Dubliner is hoping that the brand new show will capture large Irish audiences.

"Everyone wants it to be a success," she pointed out.

"Obviously as an actor you want to be involved in something successful and what you then do when you're offered any job, you go away and take a look at scripts to see if you think it can be a success," she said.

"I think this is one that can definitely be a winner," she added.


Fair City's Jenny wants a role in an action blockbuster

FROM teaching to visiting the Playboy mansion to joining the cast of Carraigstown, Jenny Dixon has a more colourful resume than most.

But the model-turned-actress has revealed that in the future she would love to try her hand at an action movie.

The blonde beauty who joined Fair City last year told the Diary that taking up a role in an action blockbuster would be her ideal job.

"Down the line some action might be great," she said.

Jenny, who was a science teacher in a school on Dublin's northside before moving into acting, already has a slight upper hand when it comes to Lara Croft-style roles.

She has some martial arts training under her belt.

"It was a long time ago but I think it stays with you," she said.

She appeared on Irish screens as Mondo's love interest last year and has been making waves ever since.

"I'm just so happy to be a working actress and I adore the character of Kerri-Ann that I play," she continued.

invites The Dubliner impressed Hugh Hefner with her portfolio and landed invites to some of the most glamorous events on the Playboy calendar.

She has jetted to LA several times to pursue her acting ambitions.

Whatever action awaits the actress down the line for now, she is really enjoying her time with RTE.

"We've just been shooting the specials for Christmas and New Year's and that's always a bit of extra excitement because there is more cast in," she said.

"It's lovely," she added.


Wedding plans for Mairead

MAIREAD Farrell has a busy Christmas ahead of her as she gets down to planning her 2015 wedding.

The Today FM star announced her engagement to businessman Louis Ronan on air with Ray D'Arcy in August.

It will be a summer wedding for the loved-up pair if they can get down to details in time, the Diary can reveal.

"That's what we want to do but we have nothing done yet," the bubbly presenter confessed.


But over the Christmas holidays she hopes to get a head-start on planning her nuptials.

Her other half proposed when they were on holidays with her six-year-old son Dara standing by.

The youngster will perform the dual role of best man for both the bride and groom at their wedding next year.

Despite the fact that they had been dating for four years before Louis got down on bended knee, Mairead admitted that she was totally taken aback by the proposal.