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Dubliner Jade booed on way into Big Brother

DUBLINER Jade-Martina Lynch was simultaneously booed and applauded by the crowd when she entered the Big Brother House.

The model was sure to rile up the audience with her opening comments in her introduction video.

"Obviously I'm beautiful," Jade said provocatively.

The leggy brunette also made quite a statement when she strutted the walkway into the house in a sparkly leotard with a semi-cape feature and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Host Emma Willis remarked that the outfit was a daring choice.


"I don't know where to look," she said.

Jade (24) was the fourth housemate to enter the Big Brother House, broadcast for the first time on TV3 last night. The former Miss Ireland is a cousin of TV star Amanda Byram.

This year the housemates' past, present and futures are to be controlled by Big Brother and the "concept of time" will be turned on its head.

The housemates range in age from 19-year-old Joel William to 51-year-old Eileen Daly.

Eileen is a musician who is known for making it through to 2014's X-Factor bootcamp.