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Dubliner creates iPod rape alarm to send call for help

WOMEN who feel terrified walking alone in the dark now have a sophisticated iPhone tool to help fend off attackers.

A Dublin-based company have developed a new app for the iPhone which can instantly send a text message detailing their location when they feel threatened.

The ShakeAlert app, similar to a rape alarm, sends out a screeching siren and a flashing light once activated.

And an additional facility automatically locates the user through GPS and sends a text message to a designated friend with a link to a Google Maps location.

Dubliner Jeff Clancy who has produced the product along with his business partner, Roland Gropmair, said that it the app is simply and easily activated.

"If you feel threatened, you shake the phone and the screen flashes so there is a strobe effect," he said.

"It simultaneously starts up the SMS engine and uses the GPS to locate where you are and send the message automatically."

"You can programme it to be sent to your boyfriend, husband or friend to read 'I need help, I'm at this location'," he added.

"There is a link within the text message which links to Google maps so the person can directly locate you."

Jeff, whose background is in the mobile industry, said they have extensively investigated how to prevent the alarm being set off accidentally.

"We spent a lot of time developing the shaking algorithm," he said.

"There are three distinct shakes and it's practically impossible to knock it off by mistake."

The app which is priced at 79c is compatible with all iPhone models and the iPod Touch v2 and higher.

"The siren sound is engineered to give the loudest possible volume and effect from the built-in phone speaker," he added.

"If you have ever felt slightly nervous while out walking or jogging at night then this iPhone app its simply activated by shaking it."