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Dublin Zoo unveils new baby mangabeys

IT'S monkey mania at Dublin Zoo. The Phoenix Park baby boom continues with two white-crowned mangabey.

Brother and sister Jomoro and Awiane were born within two weeks of each other in April, to dominant male Danzo and respective mothers Mallul and Monifa, after five-and-a-half month pregnancies.

Speaking to the Herald, African Plains headkeeper Helen Clarke-Bennet couldn't hide her delight at being able to show the baby monkeys to the world.

"We're delighted with the arrival, we've done really well with these elegant little guys over the last few years," she said.

"They don't normally breed well and we're down to a second generation with them here so it's just fantastic."

The last 12 months has seen a bumper baby year for the zoo. A newborn white-faced saki monkey was welcomed in April as well as the arrival of Jabari, a white rhinoceros calf.

In late 2012, the zoo welcomed baby red pandas, meerkat pups and a newborn Brazilian tapir calf.