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Dublin student sues college for €100k over 'wrongful expulsion'


Yasmine Dakik at home in Clonee

Yasmine Dakik at home in Clonee

Yasmine Dakik at home in Clonee

a Dublin student is suing a Romanian university for more than €100,000 after they wrongfully expelled her from the college and refused to return her €5,000 admission fee.

Yasmine Dakik (20), from Clonee, had been studying at the university for three months, and she received a letter from the college when she returned from the Christmas break saying there were issues with papers and that they had to revoke her registration.

The student has already won a three-year legal battle to return her €5,000. While the college has offered €1,500 in compensation, her solicitor is seeking around €100,000 in compensation and damages.

The university, Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF), is based in the Romanian city of Cluj. Her case has gone viral across the country.

Ms Dakik told the Herald that she wanted to warn fellow Irish students about the perils of studying in a different country.

"For me, because of what I went through, I just want to make Irish students aware and let them know not to be fooled," Ms Dakik said.

"There's a lot of corruption. They treated me so badly. I lost so much time in my life and it caused me a lot of stress - and my family too.


"I was on my own, my parents couldn't come straight over. The issue happened at the end of December and my parents couldn't come over until February.

"So you can imagine what it was like for a 17-year-old in a situation like this, in a strange place, where I didn't know the language and didn't know too many people

"I had to do things by myself. It was really different - it was scary," she added.

Having won the first part of her case, Ms Dakik is due to fly back to Romania soon to begin proceedings in her case for compensation and damages from the university.

She said the case has already cost her family more than €30,000.


"We haven't yet received the tuition fee of €5,000," she said.

"For me, I'm not accepting the €1,500 on offer.

"According to my solicitor, I should be able to claim over €100,000 for compensation and damages for the time they wasted in my life and the stress they've caused me and my family."