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Dublin student Laura's shock at 37-week pregnancy


Laura Molloy at her graduation.

Laura Molloy at her graduation.

Laura Molloy at her graduation.

A Dublin student has told of her shock at only having her pregnancy diagnosed at 37 weeks - as she had no bump, baby movements or morning sickness.

In the new RTE Documentary On One, Laura Molloy told how she gave birth to the biggest baby on her ward in the Coombe - at a whopping 8lbs - just weeks after she found out she was nearly full-term in her pregnancy in April 2015.

The DIT student had turned to Google to get to the bottom of symptoms of tiredness and heaviness, but ruled out pregnancy as tests repeatedly came up as negative and she had never missed a period.



Laura Molloy with her partner Luke

Laura Molloy with her partner Luke

Laura Molloy with her partner Luke

In the documentary The Announcement, Laura reveals how she initially thought the previous J1 summer in Los Angeles could be connected to the mysterious ailment, which made her legs feel like they had been pumped full of air and swelled the fingers on both hands.

She even briefly considered that she might have a tumour, before she eventually went to her college doctor, who began to prod her stomach despite having just carried out a negative pregnancy test.

"She says the only reason she could think of was that I was already past 28 weeks and the hormone that gives you a positive pregnant test has already left [my] system," said Laura.

"I had no symptoms, no bump, no morning sickness and no feeling of any movement."

However, the 25-year-old had her condition finally confirmed that day by an ultrasound in the Coombe, when she was practically full-term.

"The [doctor] takes out this wand and puts it to my stomach and all I could hear was a [heartbeat] and I'm thinking at least I'm not dead yet," she said.

"She says, 'that's not your heartbeat, it's the baby's'.

"Then she tells me I'm 37 weeks. Past my first trimester, my second trimester and in the final stages of my third trimester. I was in complete shock.

"The doctor said the bump was measuring at 17 weeks, but the baby's femur length was measuring at 37 weeks."

The doctor told her she had a rare blood type and she would have been high-risk at three months, let alone eight months.

Laura's partner Luke was shell-shocked to find he was set to be a father in three weeks.

When their baby, Finn, came into the world in May 2015, the nurses nicknamed him 'Buster'.

"At eight pounds he was the biggest and heaviest baby on the ward," Laura said on the documentary.

"Looking at the size of Finn I was just amazed. I couldn't understand how the hell I had nearly got to full term without showing any symptoms of pregnancy."

  • Documentary On One's The Announcement airs on RTE Radio One today at 1pm