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Dublin student (19) blags his way into the Champions League final

A Dublin teenager has told how he blagged his way into the Champions League Final using just a home-made pass and a hi-viz jacket.

Anraoi Rooney (19) from Stillorgan, and student James McClafferty (20), both tried to sneak into the Berlin game in the Olympic Stadium while inter-railing across Europe.

But Anraoi (pictured at the game, right) was the one to succeed using confidence and brass neck to avoid the attention of security officials.

Unlucky James was turned back and had to watch the game in a pub, but Anraoi made his way through dozens of security checks to watch Barcelona battle and overcome Juventus in the 3-1 thriller.

The pair were in Germany on holiday and in a last-minute decision they decided to have a go at getting into the big match.

"We printed off the tickets before we went but they were pretty terrible and I didn't think we had a chance, especially when I saw what the real tickets looked like when we got out there," said Anraoi.

"Ours were green with a beer logo, but the real ones were dark navy," he added.

"I had brought a hi-vis jacket with me and decided to give it a go," he explained. "James didn't have one so he didn't make it past the first barrier, but I just kept going."

Anroi said he gave the stewards a confident nod and walked on through.

"I kept waiting for a tap on the shoulder but it didn't come," he said.


"There was another set of stewards scanning barcodes on the tickets at turnstiles," he added.

But Anroi knew his ticket wasn't up to scratch so he joined the media queue and brazenly strolled in.

"The ground was absolutely packed so I just stood on the steps to watch the game," the DCU student said.

Anraoi, who posted pics of his exploits on Snapchat, told The Anton Savage Show on Today FM: "James just went back to the pub with the rest of the lads and watched the game from there."

He said they had seen signs in the locality from people who were willing to pay €3,500 for tickets, so he felt very lucky to get to see the game.

"I'm trying not to gloat but it's kind of hard not to," he said.