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Dublin pair accused of 'Reservoir Dogs' killing


Brian McConville

Brian McConville

Wayne Lennon

Wayne Lennon


Brian McConville

TWO Irishmen have been warned they face up to 20 years in jail over the 'Reservoir Dogs'-style killing of a British man they allegedly tortured for an hour before leaving to die.

Brian McConville and Wayne Lennon, a friend of mobsters Fat Freddie Thompson and Brian Rattigan, have been formally charged with murdering Paul Feathers at his Costa del Sol flat.

The pair went on the run after allegedly killing the expat on April 21, 2010 during a row.

Spanish prosecutors announced yesterday that they will be seeking 20 year prison sentences for Dubliners McConville (30) and Lennon (38).


Indictments submitted to a court in Malaga last week claim the pair stabbed Feathers 44 times in the back during an hour-long attack as he lay bleeding on the floor after being knifed in the neck.

The court documents also allege they stole a mobile phone from Feathers' flat in Benalmadena before leaving him unconscious in a pool of blood on his front room floor.

The Briton, who was attacked after his girlfriend unwittingly opened the front door to two men wearing balaclavas, died from a brain haemorrhage caused by the kicks and punches he received to his head. His killing is understood to have been drug-related.

Prosecution documents claim: "McConville started a row with the victim during which Lennon got hold of a 10-centimetre kitchen knife and threatened Paul with it before cutting him twice in the neck.

"Immediately afterwards both men . . . brutally attacked him for around an hour. "They kicked and punched him repeatedly around his head and body until he fell to the floor where they continued to attack him and caused him further injuries.

"When the victim was in a bad way but still alive, they jabbed him 44 times in the back with the knife. "One of the stab wounds pierced his back by three centimetres, narrowly missing his lung."

Spanish police took the unusual step after the murder of appealing for help in tracking down the two Irishmen and issuing their pictures.

Lennon was arrested on May 7, 2011 in Portugal. McConville was detained on a European Arrest Warrant in Germany in May 2013.

They are understood to have been held in custody at Alhaurin de la Torre jail near Malaga since being captured.

Both men have been charged with aggravated murder and are expected to plead innocent.