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Dublin mother's horror when she found a fox in baby's room

THIS is the fox who was seconds from attacking a six-month-old infant in a south Dublin apartment.

A shocked Rachel McDermott found the animal in her daughter's bedroom in the ground floor apartment in Rathfarnham.

She acted quickly to scare the animal out of the room.

After the recent mauling by a fox of twin babies in London while they were sleeping in their cots, Rachel contacted the Herald to warn parents that the freak occurrence happened here as well.

"The fox was vicious, it was baring its teeth and everything. What crossed my mind at the time was it was like an old fairytale where the fox comes to take away the baby," she said.

Rachel and her neighbours had befriended the orphaned fox cub months before the incident in 2006, and they all thought it was relatively timid.

But while her daughter Katie was sleeping, the mum saw the fox trotting down the hallway and going into her baby's bedroom when she was napping in her cot.

"It just happened out of the blue. I just went into a bit of panic and he [the fox] ran back into the TV room into a small porch, but my husband, Mal, could reach to open the door, so he held him back with a sweeping brush.

"The fox was fairly freaked out as well. And then my husband thought the fox was going to go for him," he added.


Rachel never got to share with her daughter about her near brush with the fox as Katie -- aged just three -- sadly passed away in April 2008 after bravely fighting a long illness.

"We had to up sticks from Dublin and move to England for a year and a half because she was in a bubble for nine months in Newcastle hospital. And unfortunately she had a setback and she passed away," Rachel explained.

Meanwhile, the fox still returned to the apartment looking for food, even after the concerned parents scared him off.

"He came back looking for the food. People would throw him scraps and crisps."

Rachel stressed: "I wouldn't go near one now. A friend of mine who was living in the same place had a baby as well, so I told her to keep her doors closed."