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Dublin men at the bottom of romance league

DUBLIN is officially Ireland's most unromantic city, it has been revealed, as desperate stories of the capital's anti-Romeos have come to light.

Dubliners have emerged on top of a competition to find Ireland's Most Unromantic Man.

One Dub bought gym equipment to help his girlfriend with her "fat belly" as a late Valentine's Day present.

Another charming husband dropped his wife off at a bus stop as he was driving her to hospital with her broken ankle -- he had forgotten his phone.

And one truck driver's idea of romance is buying his partner of 13 years a can of beer, a packet of crisps and a night boat to England.


The long-suffering wives and girlfriends nominated their menfolk for the title in the hope of winning a romantic holiday with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation.

Dwain Casey's wife Naomi says that he hasn't a "romantic bone in his body".

The Clonee native didn't even buy a birthday card for his new wife on their honeymoon.

"On Valentine's Day he went to a club by himself while I stayed home with our two young children," she said.

Andrew Faulkner, from Drumcondra, loves freebies and after his girlfriend Chrissy Hughes brought him out for a free meal with flowers and a bottle of wine, he printed off a Tesco Value range Valentine's card as a thank you for dinner.

Ian Beven, from Dun Laoghaire, was driving wife Edel Byrne to hospital with her broken ankle until he realised he left his phone at home.

"I explained that if we turned around I would be late (for my appointment)," she said.

"My loving husband pulled into the bus lane and told me to get the bus. I hobbled out of the car and stood, on one foot, waiting for the number seven bus."

Sinead Kelly's mother predicted that Oisin Mac Tiernan would forget a present for his girlfriend on the February date.

"My mother knew he wouldn't know where to start, so she took it upon herself to give him a toiletries set to give to me," she revealed.


And Brazilian-born Mariana Borges got an unwanted gift from Derek O'Brien from Blackrock.

He forgot Valentine's Day but claimed he had ordered something online -- it was gym equipment to help Mariana with her "fat belly".

"I just wanted to kill him. But actually after that I lost five kilos and feel much better now," she said.

Nicola Griffin said that she first fell for her man over a can of beer. She has been with Robert Power from Rush for 13 years but he has yet to propose.

"He is a truck driver and his idea of a romantic trip away is sneaking me onto a night boat to England where he gets to sleep in a comfy bed in a cabin and I have to sleep on a hard chair," she said.

But despite this, new mum Nicola said that she wouldn't swap him for the world.

The Dubs dominate the shortlist of 15 men in the national competition.

Voting closes at midnight tonight at www.mostunromanticman.ie.