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Dublin Maths teacher wants Richard Branson's backing to expand his maths grind website


Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold

Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold

Colin Hegarty and Brian Arnold

A Dublin teacher is hoping to get backing from Virgin boss Richard Branson to expand his maths grinds website.

Brian Arnold, from Clontarf, and his friend Colin Hegarty set up HegartyMaths, where they post tutorials online.

The site is among the final 10 in Virgin Media's Pitch to Rich competition, and voting to make it to the final three closes at 10am today.

Billionaire Branson will pick the winner in the start-up category on June 26, and will receive €200,000 in funding as well as support from Branson.

"HegartyMaths is a collection of over 1,500 videos that me and Colin, who is a maths teacher as well, have made," said Brian.

"What we do is make the videos and upload them to YouTube where students can view them at home.

"We have a piece of software that allows us to write on the screen - you don't see us but you do hear us - and we explain everything while we write it on your monitor screen.

"We're closing in on five million views from 220 territories across the globe at the minute."

The London-based duo are passionate about maths and feel that students should be able to access grinds for free.


"The feedback has been unbelievable, even from adult learners who are using it to get their qualifications in order to improve their job prospects," Brian told the Tubridy Show on 2fm.

"We get thousands of messages from students just saying 'Thank you' because there's a lot of kids out there who just can't afford tuition and grinds.

"And this is a great platform for them to get the help they need while sitting at home.

"We don't think it's fair that disadvantaged students who just can't afford grinds can't access help, so we put it up for free.

"To get this support from Virgin will let get this website into so many schools all around the world.

To vote, go to www. hegartymaths.com