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Dublin man bans Irish at his hostel down under

An Irish hostel owner in Australia has banned Irish people due to their drunken and loutish behaviour.

Dublin-born Thomas Dunne who runs O'Duinn's bar and adjoining hostel in Queensland, Australia said that Irish backpackers are the only ones who cause trouble in the hostel and purposely damage equipment.

The father-of-three, who with his wife have been running the hostel since 2006, said: "The Irish are the only ones to have caused deliberate damage."

"Two of the Irish lads were kicked out at 2am, we had them arrested and charged for damage done to our accommodation. An Irish girl when leaving decided to stuff some paper under the veranda and set it alight," Mr Dunne explained.

The reputation of Irish backpackers has taken a battering in the last few weeks with police officials in New Zealand criticising Irish rugby fans behaviour at the recent test between Ireland and the All-Blacks.

Mr Dunne, who has been living in Australia since 1987, said that the unruly behaviour of a few Irish backpackers is having a negative and lasting effect on the rest of the Irish population.