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Dublin legend Charlie Redmond’s All-Ireland medal stolen from home


Charlie Redmond's medal was stolen

Charlie Redmond's medal was stolen

Charlie Redmond's medal was stolen

Former Dublin GAA star Charlie Redmond has revealed that his All-Ireland-winning medal was stolen by burglars a decade ago.

The 1995 All-Ireland football champion, who is a firefighter, told how thieves targeted the irreplaceable medal in the break-in.

Redmond was the scorer of the only goal of the closely contested final against Tyrone.

“My house was broken into 10 or 12 years ago, and they only took one thing,” he said.

He added that there were more valuable items in his home at the time, including an engagement ring.

However, the only thing that was stolen on the night was his treasured All-Ireland winning medal.

“It was upstairs in a drawer, and it was the only thing they took,” he told Newstalk’s Off the Ball programme.


“Grainne’s engagement ring was there, and it was worth an awful lot more.

“I can’t get a replacement. A couple of my former team-mates have even offered to give me theirs.

“I haven’t seen it since the break-in.

“Maybe one of the players took it – or a Tyrone player’s got it,” he joked.

Redmond’s former team-mate Dermot Deasy also had his 1995 All-Ireland winning medal stolen.

Deasy’s memento was taken from his home last February.

The Ballymun Kickams man was part of the Dublin panel that beat Tyrone, but did not feature on the day because of injury.

Deasy won an All Star at full-back in 1993 and won county honours with his club in 1982 and 1985.