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Dublin hotel prices up 16pc in two years

The average cost of a night in a Dublin hotel has jumped 16pc in two years

New research shows the average cost of a room is €102 now compared to just €88 two years ago. Prices increased 6pc in the last year alone.

"Ireland officially came out of the recession last autumn, and with attractive corporate tax rates, we've seen more and more companies confidently invest in Ireland," said Caroline Harvey who is an account manager for hotel research company HRS.

"There is certainly a correlation with demand for hotels increasing and the room rates rising in response to this," she said.


Rising hotel costs come as tourists flock to Dublin. The number of visitors to Ireland jumped 7.5pc in the period from February to April.

Dublin's prices are more expensive than UK cities such as Birmingham (€91.37) and Glasgow (€91.99) but much cheaper than the €163.58 average in London.

The English capital is the most expensive in Europe followed by Copenhagen and Paris. London has stolen the top spot from Copenhagen which now is on a par with Paris, both averaging €149 per room per night.

After London, the largest increase in room rates was seen in Lisbon (€96), Copenhagen (€149) and Amsterdam (€139).

City travellers found the most inexpensive room rates in Warsaw - averaging just €72. Research also showed that visitors to Budapest, Prague and Berlin can take advantage of moderate room rates and maximise business travel expenditures.

Istanbul, Oslo and Stockholm have seen drops in room rates in the last 12 months, where hotel prices decreased by an average of 12pc.

In the US, New York is the dearest followed by Washington and Boston.