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Dublin GAA icons tell Ger Brennan how to win in politics


Ger Brennan

Ger Brennan

Ger Brennan

Two former Dublin GAA legends who failed in their own bids for the Dail have warned Ger Brennan that he will be out of his comfort zone if he runs in the general election.

Brennan - a two-time All-Ireland winner with Dublin - recently joined Fianna Fail. Some political sources have tipped him for a run at a Dail seat.

However, legendary Dublin goalkeeper, John O'Leary - who was unsuccessful in the 2007 elections with Fianna Fail in Dublin North - said entering politics is a culture shock.

"You're definitely out of your comfort zone and will be very quickly. Because you play for the county, your name makes the opening of the conversation a lot easier, but it didn't change the question or the result of the question," O'Leary said.

"If someone wants to have a barney with you about an issue, then they will - regardless of if you're a Dublin footballer or not. It won't change people's anxieties or arguments. It was a good experience but, in saying that, I don't think I'd ever want to do it again," he added.

Meanwhile, Hill 16 icon Barney Rock - whose son Dean is now a teammate of Brennan's with the Dublin footballers - hopes Brennan knows what he's getting himself into.

Rock ran for the Progressive Democrats during the 1991 general election. Rock thinks if Brennan does decide to put himself up for election, he better be certain that is what he wants.

"From his point of view, he should wait until all the football is finished, because there are enough things to be doing, he's got a day job as well.

"So he's got to be sure that this is what he wants to do going forward," Rock said.

Not many GAA-players get involved in it and succeed, said the 1983 All-Ireland winner.

"Everybody's different. People say Jack Lynch (Fianna Fail) did it and Jimmy Deenihan (Fine Gael) and they were successful, but that's going way, way back. Not that many people go for it really," Rock said.


Fianna Fail sources indicated that Brennan would make an ideal candidate for Dublin North Central in the next election.

However, Brennan said he has never been approached to run in the election, and his current schedule leaves him no time to do so.