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Dublin fundraiser planned for Hillary


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

A campaign fundraising event for Hillary Clinton will be held in Dublin later this month.

It is being organised by Ready for Hillary, the unofficial fundraising group for the 66-year-old ahead of her predicted run in the presidential election in 2016.

The main speaker will be New York lawyer Brian O'Dwyer, a long-time friend of the Clintons and an early favourite as a future ambassador to Ireland if Mrs Clinton gets elected to the White House.

It is believed that the Dublin event will be hosted by Linda O'Shea Farren and her husband Brian Farren, both former US residents.

Mr O'Dwyer said the fundraiser can only be supported by American citizens in the US and those resident in Ireland.

He told IrishCentral.com: "It is a good opportunity to show that the Irish who can legally contribute are solidly behind Hillary. It's an important first step."

Mr O'Dwyer said the fundraiser will take place on the same weekend that the Croke Park classic takes place, when the University of Central Florida play Penn State in their American football season-opener.

As many as 15,000 Americans are expected to visit Ireland for the match.

Mr O'Dwyer said Irish-American support for Mrs Clinton would be critical in hotly-contested Pennsylvania and Florida.

He said the fundraising event would be "relatively small in scope but will lay down a marker for supporting Mrs Clinton in her likely bid for president".

The former First Lady has yet to declare her intentions for 2016. If she decides to run again, it would mean submitting to another gruelling campaign, eight years after she was defeated by Barack Obama.

She will decide by the end of the year whether to enter the race for the Oval Office. Mrs Clinton has cited the forthcoming birth of her first grandchild as one reason she has not yet made up her mind.

In 2007, former US president Bill Clinton was among the 160 guests who attended a two-hour fundraising event for his wife at the Farrens' home in Dublin.