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Dublin flights hit as latest storm batters New York

FLIGHTS between Dublin and the US were cancelled today as battered New York and New Jersey were hit by a new storm.

At least five services between Dublin and the east coast of the US were grounded as a result of a snow storm which caused further misery in areas still recovering from superstorm Sandy.

The Dublin Airport Authority today advised transatlantic passengers to check with their airlines about services.

Hundreds of people bound for Dublin this morning were left stranded after three flights from Newark and JFK airports were cancelled.

The United Airlines service from Newark and the Delta Airlines and Aer Lingus flights from New York were all grounded.

The departing flights operated by United and Delta, due to leave from Dublin to New York this morning, were also off.

An early US Airways service from Philadelphia, and Aer Lingus flight from Chicago, were unaffected.

Tens of thousands of residents in New York and New Jersey again lost power as the winter storm struck.

Some people were again forced to leave their homes and public transport was hit.

Winds gusted at up to 60mph (100kph), bringing down trees and power lines.

New Jersey state Governor Chris Christie said: "I am waiting for the locusts and pestilence next."

Power companies in the two states said over 100,000 customers suffered power outages.

Some 650,000 buildings were already without power one week after Sandy struck.

Forecasters said the latest storm was weaker than first thought, but it still brought high winds, rain and snow that caused further damage.

Public works crews with heavy machinery worked to build up dunes to protect the battered shoreline.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered police to use loudspeakers to advise vulnerable residents to evacuate.