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Dublin fans get fresh hope for final with city centre 'big screen' bid

Dublin City Council is being urged to provide a public screen for the All Ireland Final on September 18.

Councillor Deirdre Heney called on council officials to "provide a big screen in one of our public spaces or city parks so as many fans as possible can enjoy the All-Ireland Football Final in the company of fellow GAA supporters".

She said the issue of tickets has proven "too difficult" for fans to obtain.

Cllr Heney identified public spaces such as College Green and Dawson Street to accommodate large crowds.

She said both areas have been used in the past for sport homecoming events.

"Either of these spaces, or some other public central public space, would accommodate GAA supporters from across the city who are otherwise unable to get tickets," she said.

"This is hugely important to the public. Tickets are scarce and it would provide a great opportunity for people to watch the game in the city."

She said the GAA or another commercial body might come forward to sponsor such an event. Council officials said they would consider her recommendations.