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Dublin dad's heartbreak over Muamba

THE sudden collapse of Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba brought shocking reminders to a Dublin couple of the day they lost their son to sudden cardiac arrest.

Ciaran Carr (20), from St John's Park in Clondalkin, died on January 20 while training for his beloved Round Towers club.

He was participating in an indoor circuit training session at Moyle Park College when he suddenly collapsed.

Despite the fact that trained club members tried to revive him with a defibrillator, Ciaran could not be saved.

An only child to dad Philip and mum Gemma, he died of Sudden Adult Death syndrome.

Speaking to the Herald, Ciaran's dad Philip said that seeing Muamba's collapse brought him back to January and the day he got the call that his own son had fell unconscious.

"It brings it all back 100pc," said Philip. "Seeing him on the ground surrounded by all those people, yes, you can't help but remember," he added.


"I hear Muamba is making a slow recovery which is great," said Philip, who with his wife Gemma is this weekend organising what would have been Ciaran's 21st birthday party.

"Ciaran had his party all planned, and we will go ahead with it, but we will be using the event to raise funds for the CRY Unit (Cardiac Risk in Young) in Tallaght Hospital," Philip said.

"It will be in the Round Towers club this Saturday night. Ciaran's birthday would have been next Monday," he added.

"It's important to stress that the CRY Unit gets no Government funding and relies on money through fundraising," said Philip.

"Saturday night will be hard for us, but we feel strong and we know Ciaran had planned it, so it's his night," he explained.

Ciaran was a very talented Gaelic footballer and hurler, and represented Dublin from Under 12 to Under 21 levels.

"He could kick a ball out of hands perfectly from the age of three. Everyone said he would be a great footballer. It was his passion," said Gemma.


The family of Cormac McAnallen, the All-Ireland winning footballer who died in 2004 from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, contacted the Round Towers club to pass on their condolences to Ciaran's family.

Gemma believes that Ciaran died as soon as he hit the floor during the training session.

"It is of some comfort to us that everything that could be done was done, by the club and the medics," said Philip.

Just days after his sudden collapse during an FA Cup quarter-final tie against Tottenham at White Hart Lane, it was reported that Muamba can now recognise family members and respond to their questions.

"Fabrice Muamba remains in intensive care at the London Chest Hospital and is continuing to show signs of improvement," said the joint statement released by the London Chest Hospital and Bolton.

Donations can be made to the AIB Cardiac Risk in the Young Ireland account, number 08688056, sort code 03.12.92, or by contacting www.cry.ie.