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Dublin dad-of-four nearly blinded after his home is attacked

A DUBLIN man was slashed in the face close to his eye after he confronted two youths smashing down the front door of his home last night.

The dad-of-four was lucky not to be blinded when he was attacked with a knife in the Rossfield estate in Tallaght.

Kunle Bewaji (46) told of how he was upstairs in his home on Rossfield Way when he heard banging on the front door.

The victim showed the mark left by the tip of the blade today.

Gardai have arrested two 16-year-old youths and recovered a knife and metal bar after the attack.


"It was nearly 1am when I heard banging on the door, and it would not stop," he told the Herald this morning.

"My son was downstairs studying at the time, and I came down and opened the front door and saw the two guys smashing the glass in the porch.

"They would not stop and when I tried to chase them away one of them turned around and attacked me with the knife," he added.

A graze can be seen going from the outward corner of Kunle's right eye down to the corner of his nose, starting right beside his eyeball.

"It was terrifying. I don't know why they did this," he said, looking at the smashed panes of glass in his porch door.

"The guys ran away and we called the gardai, and when they were here we saw the two guys come back and the gardai chased them and caught them," he added.


Gardai recovered a kitchen knife and another weapon – an implement with a plastic handle and a metal top, at the scene.

Kunle said it is not the first time his house has been attacked, and pointed to a broken window at the front of the house which happened a month ago.

"I have had the windows broken in my car as well, twice in the past year, and eggs thrown at the house," he explained.


Mr Bewaji said he does not know if the attacks on his home are race related. But no money or property was taken during the attack.

"We have been living in Ireland for 14 years, and in this house for around six or seven years," he explained.

"I live here with my wife and our four children, two are boys and two are girls, aged between 13 and 21," he added.

The two suspects were taken to Tallaght garda station for questioning.

One of the youths was later released without charge, with a file on the matter being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The second teen was held for further questioning under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act. He can be held for 24 hours.

Enquiries into the case are ongoing.