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Dublin council splashes out €134,000 on water for staff

HARD-up Dublin City Council spent more than €134,000 on drinking water for its workers – €37,000 on bottled water alone.

It also spent €17,000 on a special supply of bottled water for firefighters in 2012, the Herald can reveal.

And €97,000 was spent changing filters on a total of 248 dispensers.

A total of 190 of these took water from the usual mains supply, but 58 were used for the bottled variety.

The eye-watering figure for bottled water was more than double the €15,000 that was spent the previous year.


Councillor Mannix Flynn described the spending as a "scandal".

He said: "These figures are unprecedented. In Dublin City Council offices alone they're spending in the region of €120,000.

"Dublin water is perfectly safe so there's no excuse for this waste of public money."

A council spokesman said: "Bottled water is used by Dublin Fire Brigade as it is easily transportable to fires and accidents. It is used to rehydrate as there is not always access to drinking water."

Meanwhile, it has emerged 35 JobBridge hopefuls were taken on by the council in the past two years – but none of the interns was offered a full-time position.