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Dublin Bus passengers hit with fare hikes today


Dublin Bus fares hikes are taking place today

Dublin Bus fares hikes are taking place today

Dublin Bus fares hikes are taking place today

Commuters across the city will find themselves a little lighter on change from today as Dublin Bus passengers are hit with a hike in fares.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) announced the new pricing system in October, leaving cash-paying passengers bearing the brunt of the rise.

The NTA said the increases were necessary as a result of repeated government cuts in funding, falling passenger numbers and higher fuel costs. They are advising passengers to sign up to their Leap smart card service and avail of cheaper fares, which they claim are similar to cash rates available in 2012.

Such is the popularity of Leap cards that half of all commuters, including Luas passengers, in the capital make use of the service with around 800,000 subscribers, according to the NTA.

Today, a standard adult cash fare has risen by anything from 15c for a three-stage journey to 25c for a journey over 13 stages. Journeys between four to 13 stages have risen by 20c. A child's fare for one to seven stages has risen from €1.10 to €1.15 while a trip over seven stages is up by 10c to €1.40.


The 'school hours' flat rate has risen by 5c to 95c. Leap cards can be purchased or topped up online from leapcard.ie. There are also over 400 Leap card agent shops around Dublin buy or top up the card. Adult Leap fares for eight to 13 stage journeys have been reduced by 10c while other distances have risen by either five or 10c.

Child Leap fares have been reduced by 5c except for the 'school hours' flat charge which has risen by 5c. The card offers savings of between 45c and 70c on standard adult journeys and between 20c and 30c on child fares. The NTA said they are encouraging customers to use the card because it is a faster way to collect fares and reduces boarding time. It also encourages people to use more than one public transport operator.

They said in many cases 'Leap-capped' fares are lower than weekly tickets.

The Dublin Bus five-day rambler costs €29.50 while the weekly cap on the Leap card stands at €27.50.

The age rules for child Leap cards mean the cards are available to children up their 19th birthday.