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Dublin animator's YouTube clip loved by Fry

A DUBLIN animator has attracted the attention of UK comedian and actor Stephen Fry, following a short animated film he made "just for fun".

Trevor Courtney (34), of Blackrock, who runs Igloo Animations in Dublin's city centre, took two minutes of footage from a conversation with Stephen Fry he found on the internet and made it into an animated short film, which he put on YouTube.

The short animation, which deals with the subject of self pity and has a comical slant to it, is fast attracting a following, not only in Ireland but the UK where within days of being tweeted it attracted the attention of Stephen Fry.

So impressed was the well-known actor and comedian that he contacted Courtney himself before asking permission to re-tweet it.

"I got home and my mail box said, 'Stephen Fry is now following you on twitter'," said Courtney. "And I thought, 'Jesus'. Then he sent me a tweet, asking if my site was strong enough to take the amount of hits I would receive if he tweeted the animation. So I said, "Yes, please do" and so he did. I didn't expect that. I was well chuffed."

As a result, the animated piece received over 12,000 hits in just one day and is now fast growing in popularity.

Courtney said: "I was just looking up Stephen Fry's interviews on YouTube and there was this talk he had with Mark Lawson. It just made proper sense to me and I thought it was inspiring and worth animating. Then one day in work we had a day or two down time and I said, 'Hey, let's do this' and so we did. Then I tweeted it round and it just got picked up. So I guess other people must have found it inspiring too."