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Dublin 4 - as you've never seen it before

A NEW history of Ballsbridge traces how the area has developed from countryside to an affluent suburb in the past 150 years.

Ballsbridge Then & Now, by author Hugh Oram, is a pictorial account of the development of the Dublin 4 location, which contrasts snaps from the archives with current-day images.

Among the many local landmarks highlighted is the RDS, described as "the biggest single development in Ballsbridge".

The book chronicles the 1912 Spring Show, which saw the Marconi Company operate a groundbreaking live radio operation for three days from the RDS.

Elsewhere an account is given of the construction of the US Embassy, which opened in 1964 and whose striking appearance prompted initial uproar before residents -- some time later -- took it to their hearts.

The work also documents the history of the Swastika Laundry, the Shelbourne Road company whose chimney was decorated with a Swastika until the 1980s -- despite the symbol's association with Nazism.

Ballsbridge Then & Now is published by The History Press Ireland and priced at €16.99