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Dublin 27th in trust table

Dublin has ranked the 27th most reputable city in the world, while Vienna has emerged as the city with the best reputation.

The City RepTrakĀ® 2014, announced today by The Reputations Agency and Reputation Institute (RI), ranks the world's 100 most reputable cities based on trust, esteem, admiration and respect.

Dublin dropped seven places from last year's rankings but still came in ahead of cities such as Berlin, San Francisco and Madrid but was behind London, Barcelona and Paris.

Boffins happy at goat study

A study of happy goats could provide greater understanding of the emotions of other species and improve the way animals are treated, scientists claim.

Scientists recruited residents at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Boughton Monchelsea, Kent, to investigate the way they expressed different mild emotional states.

They found that goats were more likely to point their ears forward and keep their tail up when they were in a "happy" positive state.

More bodies at ship site

Fishermen recovered 11 more bodies from the western Bering Sea Wednesday near where a South Korean fishing ship sank earlier this week.

The bodies appear to be from the ship lost on Monday in the waters near Russia, according to an official from the foreign ministry who didn't want to be named citing office rules. One fisherman's body was recovered and seven fishermen were rescued. More than 50 went missing when the ship sank.

The bodies were found by fishing vessels searching the debris of the sunken Oryong 501, said the ministry official.

Disco mullah faces charge

Pakistan police said on Wednesday they were investigating blasphemy allegations against a man dubbed the "disco mullah" who quit a career in pop music to become a preacher.

Junaid Jamshed, used the example of one of Prophet Muhammad's wives to illustrate an argument about the failings of women in a video.

After the video went viral, Jamshed released a video apology. Before becoming a preacher, Jamshed was a pop star with a string of chart-topping songs and albums.