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Dubai suspect used Reynolds' address

One of the suspects in the Dubai killing of a Hamas official gave a vacant Dublin 4 property owned by a brother of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds as his home address.

The man named by Dubai police last week used the name Kevin Daveron. He was one of five people who allegedly used fake Irish passports in the assassination.

'Daveron' has been named by police as one of up to 18 suspects in the killing of Mahmoud al Mabhouh last month.

An invoice issued by the Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel to a man travelling under the name of Kevin Daveron gives his address as 6 Elgin Road in Ballsbridge.

The property has been owned by James Reynolds, father of music promoter and Electric Picnic organiser John Reynolds, since the 1960s.

The family said today they knew nothing about what happened.

John Reynolds, speaking on behalf of his father, said the family was "absolutely shocked and horrified" that the property had been used as an address by one of the alleged hit squad without their knowledge.

The three-storey red-brick property has been vacant for about 10 years.

It is located in the Ballsbridge embassy belt and is close to several diplomatic missions, including those of the Ukraine, the US and Israel.

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