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Dub designer celebrates as Cheryl wears her jewellery

A Dublin designer has been taking the showbiz world by storm with her jewellery now being worn by Cheryl Cole.

The X Factor judge is the latest star to sport some of Merle O'Grady's unique designs and was photographed wearing the Dalkey native's matching Bombshell Bracelet and Grey Pearl Earrings at an event in Paris last week.

And London-based Merle (27) told the Herald how excited she was at seeing the A-lister sporting the designs from her latest collection.

"I actually just sent a big selection of sample pieces to her stylist last week for her to wear for the X Factor auditions," she said.

"But a few days later I saw that she was wearing it at the AZ Party at the VIP Room in Paris -- she would have just received them that afternoon.

"The first I heard of her actually wearing them was when I saw the pictures. I thought it would at least be a couple of weeks before I saw anything.

"I couldn't ask for more."

The X Factor judge is the latest star to soak up some of this up-and-coming designer's offerings.


Merle also counts superstar Beyonce and Rihanna as fans, who both scooped up some of her items from her Dublin stockist Rebecca Davis on the Irish leg of their European tours in recent months.

Both R&B divas were spotted soaking up some of the capital's best-known boutiques during their stint here and both were seen alongside their stylists in the exclusive store in the Westbury Mall. "Beyonce wore some of the pieces after she popped into Rebecca Davis last time she was in Dublin, and Rihanna's stylist bought a huge pair of my Aztec earrings from there," Merle said.

"I haven't seen her wear them yet but they're absolutely huge -- I don't know how she could. Rihanna wears some pretty out-there stuff though."

Merle moved from Dublin to London six years ago after securing a number of high-profile work placements with designers Paraic Sweeney and Tracey Boyd.