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Dub chef Cathal holds the key to Kerry men's performance on Sunday

A Dublin chef will be cooking the Kerry team's last meal before the All-Ireland final.

While it will be "tough" to cook for his football rivals, joked Carton House's executive chef Cathal Kavanagh (42), he said he would remain "professional".

"We had the Irish rugby team before they set off to New Zealand, and I've cooked for Tyrone a number of times when they were playing Dublin. I'll just have to do my job as best I can," said the father-of-two.

Cathal grew up in the inner city where he used to play Gaelic but his busy schedule now prevents him from playing sports. Nonetheless, he admitted that GAA was his "one true passion".

"My strongest connection is that I lived and grew up next door to the current Dublin legend Dessie Farrell.

"I knew him very well, I used to play hockey with him years ago. His team will be playing Tipperary in the final so I'll be supporting them as well."

Cathal was lucky enough to get tickets for Sunday's game in Croke Park and he will be going there straight after preparing a meal.

"We will provide them with plain vegetables and chicken -- the staple sportsmen diet, high in proteins, with carbohydrates and low in fats.

"It has to be quite healthy so while they will have some dessert, it's going to be something like fruit salad.

"I'll cook for them again on Sunday then I'll head off to the game."

While he will do his best for the Kerry team in work, Cathal revealed that he still hoped to see them soundly beaten.

"I was at the last All-Ireland that Dublin won and I want to see them win again," he insisted.