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DSPCA seeks homes for 700 kittens after mild winter sees more litters born in wild

the mild winter and spring have resulted in a boom in kittens that has led to one animal charity being over-run with them.

The Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) has hundreds of kittens in need of good homes.

Gillian Bird, the society's head of education and media, told the Herald they were "crying out" for homes for the kittens.

"With the mild weather over the past few months, we've seen a sudden increase in kittens being born. It really hit us all of a sudden," she said.


Fewer cats dying from the cold over the winter and a plentiful supply of food for strays from animal-lovers has led to the kitten boom.

The DSPCA has 200 kittens in its care, and there are more than 500 on waiting lists for places at its shelter.

"We have a huge list of people waiting to surrender their animals to us and we really can't cope with the inundation," said Ms Bird.

"We would appeal to people who are thinking about adopting a kitten to come to us as soon as possible."

She also urged people to neuter their own cats to keep down numbers.

"We would encourage people who have cats coming up to six months of age to get them neutered," she said.

"It will prevent a lot of future problems as they won't have the issue of dealing with unwanted kitten.

"A lot of people would feed stray or feral cats that come to their back garden, and while it's great that they're being fed, it means these cats are healthier and more able to reproduce.

"So we would plead with people who feed cats to think about getting them neutered to tackle this problem. They can come to us at the DSPCA and we can help them get it done."