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Drunken cleaner tried to hit garda

A CLEANER drunkenly swung a punch at a garda after he was ejected from a pub, a court heard.

Lee McGrath (27) doesn't remember the night at all and only recalls waking up the following morning in a cell in a garda station.

He apologised for his behaviour to Blanchardstown District Court saying he doesn't normally drink.

Judge David McHugh fined McGrath €300.

McGrath, of Castletimon Gardens, Kilmore, Dublin 5, admitted to threatening and abusive behaviour and failing to follow the directions of gardai.

The incident took place near the Deadman's Inn, Lucan Road, Palmerstown, shortly before 3am on April 1.

Garda Alan McGuire said he was on mobile patrol when he came across McGrath, who was rattling the external gates into the pub. Garda McGuire said McGrath had been ejected from the pub.



He was directed to leave the area but refused to leave.

The garda said McGrath was verbally abusive and he became increasingly confrontational towards officers, and threw a punch at him.

The court heard the defendant has five previous convictions, mostly for public order matters.

Defence solicitor Valerie Buckley said McGrath is a cleaner in Heuston Station.

He doesn't normally drink and this night was the first he'd been out in a long time.