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Drunk with no ticket managed to board a jet

A MAN who breached layers of airport security before boarding an empty plane was too drunk to recall how he did it.

Lee Jezard (22) pleaded guilty to getting aboard a Lufthansa plane and evading security measures at Birmingham Airport by climbing through a baggage carousel, on July 17.

Appearing at Birmingham Magistrates Court, Jezard - who lost his job as a hotel manager when his employer found out about the incident - also admitted stealing £36.45 worth of foodstuffs from the airport's Caffe Nero.


David Devine, prosecuting, said that despite reports Jezard was at the airport after missing a flight to the holiday island of Ibiza, a study of all plane manifests revealed "he was never booked onto any flight".

His lawyer described the actions of Jezard, as a "drunken escapade".

His added that in a further "bizarre" act, Jezard was seen on CCTV behind a coffee shop counter at the deserted airport "charging his mobile and checking it".

Jezard was discovered aboard a Lufthansa Embraer 195 by cleaning staff, and initially told them "I'm the co-pilot", said Mr Devine.

Airport police were called and he was arrested.

Jezard was fined £95 for each of the three offences, ordered to pay full compensation to the coffee shop, together with £185 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.