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Drunk man broke pool cue over leg and ran at garda


Alex Johnston has taken ‘hard liquor, tablets and cannabis’

Alex Johnston has taken ‘hard liquor, tablets and cannabis’

Alex Johnston has taken ‘hard liquor, tablets and cannabis’

A drunk man who broke a pool cue over this thigh and ran with it at a garda in an attempt to stab the officer has been sentenced to six weeks in jail.

Alex Johnston (38) also tried to chase after a vehicle driven by his brother.

His solicitor said Johnston had consumed "hard liquor, tablets and cannabis" and does not remember the incident.

A court heard that Johnston's family had staged an intervention since the incident as they were so concerned about his drinking.

The defendant, with an address at Donomore Crescent, Tallaght, had admitted before Tallaght District Court to poss- ession of a pool cue handle, public drunkenness and threatening and abusive behaviour.

The public order incident took place at Cushlawn Park, Tallaght, on March 30 last year.

Sgt Michael Ahern previously said that officers were responding to another matter shortly after 2am when they saw a very aggressive male in the middle of the road with a pool cue.

Sgt Ahern said Johnston was lashing out at a vehicle being driving away and he was trying to chase it.

The sergeant said Johnston broke the pool cue over his thigh and he ran at Gda Mark Shortt in an attempt to stab him.


Sgt Ahern said Johnston was handcuffed and arrested by gardai.

The court heard the defendant has 24 previous convictions, but had not been in trouble for a number of years and has nothing pending before the courts.

Defence solicitor Michael Hennessy said Johnston has "no memory of the incident".

Mr Hennessy said Johnston was intoxicated on the night and had taken quantities of "hard liquor, tablets and cannabis".

He said the matter was "a wake-up call" for Johnston, whose family has since staged an intervention and he had sought treatment.

Mr Hennessy said Johnston was "chasing his brother", with whom he gets on very well, and he denied there was any threat to gardai.

The solicitor also said Johnston is clean of all substances, is getting the help he needs and is doing well.

Imposing a six-week sentence, Judge John Coughlan said Johnston threatened a garda with a pool cue.

Mr Hennessy asked the judge to suspend the sentence.

Judge Coughlan refused to suspend any part of it, and Johnston immediately appealed.

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