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Drumm claimed €919 Michelin star lunch for Caribbean guests

HSE boss Professor Brendan Drumm spent more than €900 on a lunch in a Dublin restaurant for a "ministerial delegation" from Grenada, it has emerged.

The lunch, which was held in Michelin star restaurant Chapter One, was unveiled as part of Prof Drumm's expenses.

New figures show the HSE boss's expenses have exceeded €43,000 since he took office five years ago.

The details of the expenses, incurred over a five-year period, including travel and subsistence and credit card expenditure, have been revealed for the first time.

High individual expenses included €5,834.70 for flights for a business trip from Dublin to Toronto, New York and Los Angeles bought in April 2006, and €919.01 for a meal in Chapter One restaurant in Dublin for a "high-level ministerial delegation from Grenada" in relation to the development of cancer services in November 2006. The figures showed that his expenses totalled €3,122.57 in 2005, €16,541.17 in 2006, €13,565.54 in 2007 and €7,650.36 in 2008.


Meanwhile, a total of €2,445 had been claimed up until the end of September 2009, according to the Irish Medical News.

An HSE spokesperson said that no members of Prof Drumm's family ever accompanied him on any business trips.

And none of his advisers ever accompanied him on international business trips.

Prof Drumm explained his business trips to the US and Canada largely focused on fact-finding visits to relevant hospitals and health services to apply lessons to help in the reform of the Irish health service.

Aside from business trips to the US and Canada in 2006, 2007 and 2008, most of Prof Drumm's expenses related to parking and subsistence costs for regular meetings held at Dublin hotels with officials.

His expenses also covered professional subscriptions amounting to €10,015.38 for the period, which included medical indemnity insurance, Medical Council registration, membership of medical bodies, and subscription to medical publications, according to the figures supplied under the Freedom of Information Act.