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Drugs lord who flooded the city with lethal heroin

LARRY DUNNE, who now lives in Churchtown, south Dublin, is not understood to have had any involvement in yesterday's drugs and may not even have been aware that his close associates were involved in the plot.

Dunne's drug importation business in the 1980's swamped Dublin with heroin and led to a massive drug addiction epidemic and this made him the number one target for gardai.

It is understood that he bribed juries, lived an extravagant lifestyle, boasted he had contacts in the gardai and fled the country when the heat was switched on before finally being convicted for drugs supply and receiving a 14-year sentence.

When gardai raided his home they found £60,000 worth of heroin, cocaine and hash. Loud cheers greeted his 14-year sentence in May 1985 at Dublin's Circuit Criminal Court.


In 1998, Dunne (62) was accused of firing a pistol during a robbery at the Bradford & Bingley Building Society in Erdington, England.

But a jury at Birmingham Crown Court took just over two hours to find him not guilty of having a firearm with intent, robbery and attempted wounding.

He was also acquitted of a charge of attempted murder at a previous trial.

Afterwards, Dunne returned to Dublin and was jailed for assaulting an undercover garda during a drugs raid on another associate of the 65-year-old who was arrested yesterday.