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Drug use made me a lying thief – Trinny

TV presenter Trinny Woodall has revealed how alcoholism and cocaine addiction turned her into a "fake, lying, thieving, cheating person".

The star, who has recently been linked with millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi, said she had been "an alcoholic" and "an addict".

Mr Saatchi is involved in a court case against two former employees accused of defrauding him and his ex-wife Nigella Lawson.

Ms Woodall (right) said she first took cocaine because she "wanted to be cool".

She first went into rehab aged 21 after an overdose but carried on taking drugs and started drinking heavily.

She said: "I drank a bottle of vodka a night, with cocaine and pills. And I started to get into trouble."

She said she started to turn her life around when she was 26.

"I began to build the foundation of my life today. Different from the fake, lying, thieving, cheating person I had been."