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Drug-search suspect made knife threat

A FATHER-of-one told a garda who asked to search him on a city street that if he had anything sharp on him he would "stick it in" the officer.

Derek Rogerson (50) avoided jail for the threat after Dublin District Court heard a series of tragic bereavements had happened to his family.

Judge David McHugh suspended a prison sentence.

Rogerson, of Barrett Street, York Road, Dun Laoghaire, had denied a charge of causing a breach of the peace.

Garda Ciaran O'Reilly told the court he was on duty at Marlborough Street on March 2 when he decided to search the accused under the Misuse of Drugs Act. The accused declined the search, became threatening and abusive to the garda and made "a headbutt gesture".

He was arrested and given a cursory search during which the garda asked if he had anything sharp on him.

"He said 'no, but if I did I wouldn't tell you, I would stick it in you'," the garda said.


Rogerson's lawyer said the accused was not told the reason for the search other than that it was a "well-known drugs area".

She asked Judge McHugh to dismiss the charge, but the judge said he had a case to answer. The court heard Rogerson had one 11-year-old child and had lost an adult daughter in tragic circumstances last year.

Her partner also subsequently died, as did the defendant's brother.

Rogerson was currently on methadone, as well as medication for a liver condition.

Judge McHugh said: "Why does he insist on taking it out on members of the Garda Siochana? He was very explicit in his threatening and abusive behaviour. Why shouldn't I send him to prison forthwith? How do I know he won't meet Garda O'Reilly or another garda and take similar exception to them?"

However, he accepted that there were family difficulties and suspended the sentence.