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Drug-quiz man beats gardai and rams car

A HUGE manhunt was under way last night after two gardai were brutally assaulted during a drugs-bust in west Dublin.

The officers were punched several times by a man in his 30s after they raided his home in Lucan on Saturday evening.

Drugs unit officers were quizzing the man and his teenage son after discovering €48,000 worth of heroin in the back garden of the property at the Meile An Ri estate.

After being quizzed over the drugs find, the man is reported to have gone "ballistic" and assaulted the officers, causing them head and hand injuries. One female garda suffered a broken finger.


After the gardai left, the man followed them and rammed their unmarked patrol car, causing significant damage.

He then drove into a tree in a fit of rage and fled the scene. Gardai then launched a search for him.

His son, who was also involved in the incident, has been arrested.

"This man went ballistic and put the lives of members of the force in danger. He is on the loose and gardai are searching for him.

"He showed by his actions that he is extremely dangerous and caused significant injuries to the officers.

"They handled themselves extremely well and thankfully will make a full recovery," the source said.

Officers arrested his son, who was later released. The officers were taken to Tallaght Hospital and were discharged yesterday.

A file is being prepared for the DPP.