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Drug charge gangster let off due to security expense

ONE of Ireland's most notorious suspected killers has escaped serious drug dealing charges because garda management decided it was too expensive to organise security for his court appearance.

IN a shocking case of 'penny pinching', two charges against him were struck out at a court hearing in Dublin this week when it was deemed that "it was simply not worth the money" to take the crime lord to court.

Because of the nature of his sickening crimes, the "erratic and highly dangerous" mobster, who is on remand in Dublin's Cloverhill Prison, would have required special armed security detail for his court appearance at the Bridewell Court yesterday.

He was facing two serious charges of dealing cannabis and cocaine.


A 'nolle prosequi' is the result of the case which involved the seizure of thousands of euro worth of drugs after a District Court judge agreed to a "strike out" of charges yesterday.

It has emerged that a drugs unit based on the capital's northside spent almost a fortnight last year carrying out surveillance on the gang boss which led him to be busted and caught with the "significant drugs haul."

A senior source said: "What happened yesterday is a complete and utter disgrace. It is sickening to the officers involved -- you would have to wonder what is the f***ing point. Another issue is the gardai involved put their lives at risk when taking part in this."

The shocking development comes as it emerged today that garda management is trying to reduce the payroll bill by €60m over the next three years. Proposals include cuts in overtime, premium payments and weekend and holiday payments, including making Good Friday a standard working day.

The savings form part of the additional €1bn in payroll cuts which the Government is seeking by the end of 2015.