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* In August of last year, Dublin drug services were put on high alert amid fears that heroin contaminated with anthrax was on sale. The warning was issued after the hospitalisation of a man in Scotland who was poisoned when he used heroin that contained the deadly substance.

* In 2000, a batch of contaminated heroin that killed 17 users in Glasgow was also responsible for eight deaths in Dublin. The heroin was later found to have been contaminated with clostridium, a bug which affects the gut. Victims died within hours.

* In December 2006, Dublin health authorities were put on full alert when six people died within a short space of time from what was thought to be contaminated heroin.

* In December 2007, two young men, who took contaminated cocaine at a house party in Waterford died in hospital.

* In November 2008, a stash of cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis destined for sale in Dublin was found covered in rat faeces.