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Drone shows inside of Poolbeg towers


Poolbeg chimney

Poolbeg chimney

Poolbeg chimney

A video of the inside of the Poolbeg towers taken by a camera drone has gone viral.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by Sky Pixels Ireland over the weekend and has already amassed thousands of views.

With the future of Dublin's landmark red and white chimneys still uncertain, there has never been a better time to get an inside view.

The video, which may not appeal to those afraid of heights, shows the inside of the chimneys and then an aerial view looking over to Dublin Port, Dublin Bay and then towards Sandymount and the Aviva Stadium.

It's a timely video as it was revealed recently that the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) is considering capping the iconic towers to protect them from the elements.


The 680-foot-tall chimneys have been the source of debate after ESB chief executive Pat O'Doherty suggested they might be demolished as they are a drain on resources.

He said it may not be possible to keep the towers standing and that a decision on whether or not to raze them would be made by the end of the year.

Several proposals have been put forward as to how the towers - which ceased operating in 2010 - can be saved.

Ideas have ranged from developing them into observation decks to launching a competition to transform them into works of art.