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Drivers who wanted a cheap car to run suffer

Conor Twomey, from Fiat Group Automobiles on the Naas Road, Dublin 12, says the fuel price increases and carbon tax show that the Government "does not understand" the car industry.

He said the Government has hit people who have been trying to buy cars that are cheap to run.

"It's quite clear that the Government has no understanding of how the car industry works. Irish people are very astute and they know how to save money.

"The cars that were being bought were Bands A, B and C. Now the Government has turned around and heavily skewered the taxes towards A, B, and C. The increase in motor tax for Band A is €56 and Band B is going up €69.

"Band B is where the majority of cars are bought at the moment and now they've just changed that. They've really hit people who just wanted a car that's cheap to run."

He stressed: "They've targeted people who are trying to do the right thing in terms of emissions, and this will impact people's buying decisions."

The increases in petrol and diesel prices through the carbon tax will affect all motorists right across the board, he said.

"The carbon tax is tax by another name. And there are a whole raft of ways that they could incentivise cleaner cars.