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Drivers fume after truck crash leaves them stuck in Port Tunnel for hours

MOTORISTS have hit out after they were stuck for hours in the Port Tunnel after a crash between two trucks.

More than 40 cars were trapped for over two hours.

One angry motorist complained that there was no communication from the tunnel operators for the first hour, and they were not informed about the cause of the standstill.

"We are being repeatedly told to stay in our cars with the engine off, and we're too far back to get to what's happening," a driver told the Herald yesterday, as she waited in the traffic queue.

"All we know is that there's a collision up ahead. I've been here for an hour and five minutes already.

"We are absolutely stuck and we've all had to pull into one side to let a van get past. There's no productivity here."

The two trucks, which were heading towards Dublin airport, collided in the northbound tunnel at around 11.40am, and it remained closed until 2.25pm.

One driver was taken to the Mater Hospital, but his injuries were not believed to be serious, and a second stranded driver, who suffered chest pains, was also taken to hospital.

Trapped vehicles in the northbound tunnel were allowed to start driving out at 1.10pm by driving through the connecting cross-passages and into the southbound tunnel.

Many people had missed their connections by then.

It wasn't the only problem.

Our source added: "It gets bleakly cold in the tunnel, but you have to have your engine switched off.

"You can't hear the radio either because they take over the bandwidth for announcements.

"They are putting a message across the loudspeaker, but it's exactly the same all the time. No one has told us if there's a fire or anything."

A spokesperson for the National Roads Authority said: "The tunnel operators didn't tell people the details because they didn't want to misinform people.

"It was communicated that the incident wasn't life threatening when we knew it wasn't and that was our first thing to identify."