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Drivers fear death on roads

More than two-thirds of motorists worry about being killed on the roads, yet only 1pc reckon they are worse-than-average drivers, according to a survey.

Almost all motorists believe they are safer than, or as safe as, the average driver, the poll by road safety charity Brake and insurance company Direct Line found.

Yet only 1pc of the 800 people surveyed reckon the roads are full of safe drivers.

Also, 35pc consider there are more dangerous drivers than safe ones.

Evidence blow in Anwar case

Malaysia's High Court refused to let prosecutors use crucial evidence that might link opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim to semen found on the man who accused Anwar of sodomising him.

The ruling could severely hamper the prosecution's efforts to prove that Anwar had sex with his 25-year-old former aide.

Anwar has maintained the charge is part of a government plot to discredit him, but authorities deny any conspiracy.

Spain indicts 3 for Eta links

A Spanish judge has indicted three Basque separatists, including a Venezuelan resident, on terrorism charges for suspected roles in organising collaboration between armed Basque separatist group Eta and Colombia's Farc rebels.

In a ruling, Judge Eloy Velasco charged Francisco Javier Lopez Pena, Mikel Carrera Sarobe and Arturo Cubillas with membership of Eta with the rank of leaders. Lopez and Sarobe are in jail in France. Cubillas holds a job in President Hugo Chavez's government.

Great-grandson of Grant dies

The last surviving great-grandson of Ulysses S Grant has died in a south-west Missouri home brimming with artefacts from the nation's 18th president and commander of the Union forces in the Civil War.

Ulysses S Grant VI said his grandfather Ulysses S Grant V died aged 90 at his home near the town of Battlefield, named for its proximity to a Civil War clash.

Mr Grant V had previously suffered a stroke.