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Drivers face wait on motor tax discs

DRIVERS waiting on tax discs and new driving licences from Dublin's three motor tax offices will have to wait for more than two weeks for their documents.

The turnaround time has more than doubled to 12 working days for processing applications.

New procedures brought in with the introduction of the new plastic card driver licence in January were to blame for the delays, the City Council has said.

Last week, it was announced that the Clondalkin motor tax office would close every Monday, with the Smithfield motor tax office closing every Tuesday to try to help clear the backlog of postal applications.

A City Council spokesperson commented: "Postal applications are, and will, continue to be accepted and processed.

"There are adequate opening hours to facilitate walk-in customers."


But Fianna Fail councillor Trevor Gilligan has hit out at decision to reduce the opening hours and has set up a petition to challenge the closure.

"I was at the (Clondalkin) tax office on Monday and there was about 50 people queuing.

"The people have only been given one week's notice of the closure. I'm concerned that this will lead to further closures," the Dublin Mid-West councillor told the Herald.

"They may very well close up shop totally and only accept postal applications," he added.

The council say the closures are in place until further notice and will come into effect at the beginning of next week.

Ballymun motor tax office closed to the public on Wednesdays from May of this year.